COVID Black develops small and large-scale digital projects that address health disparities that impact Black Diasporic communities. COVID Black projects focus on the following: Collecting, visualizing and curating Black health data and experiences; Text and data mining Black public health communication and information; Creating Learning Solutions that Address Health Disparities; Analyzing Black health social networks; Mapping Black Heath and Information; Archiving Black Lived Health experiences.

The Black Frontline 

Using 21st-century global technology of voice notes, Black healthcare-workers will record stories of their experiences on the frontline as a nation’s lifeline. Those voice notes will be a research foundation for the creation of this project. A range of healthcare workers will be featured. From doctors and nurses in the UK to doctors in New York City, to healthcare workers in Accra – The Black Frontline will be a bridge that connects, informs, engages, and transforms knowledge about the pandemic.

Mapping Black Lives Lost to COVID-19

Mapping Black lives lost to COVID-19 provides a spatial view and deeper analysis of over 600 Black Americans who have died from COVID-19. Age, gender, location, and approximate date of death are among the specific categories that are included in the map. The data for the map is culled from obituaries, death announcements, social media posts and personal submission.

COVID-19 Vaccine Oral History Project

The COVID-19 Vaccine Oral History project focuses on collecting and archiving a select number of Black people’s experiences in COVID-19 vaccine uptake and hesitancy. The project creates an oral history archive so both students, researchers and healthcare providers can have access to firsthand accounts of Black communities’ reactions to public health campaigns that seek to counter the history of medical racism that discourage Black people from seeking the COVID-19 vaccine. Interviewees will include some or all of the following: essential workers, educators; students; immigrants; and healthcare workers at the forefront of the pandemic response.

The National Negro Health Digital Project: Recovering and Restoring a Black Public Health Corpus

The National Negro Health Digital Project: Recovering and Restoring a Black Public Health Corpus draws on HathiTrust’s collection of public health documents on Black health to explore how early twentieth Black public health officials communicated and addressed health disparities that impacted Black communities. The major goal of the project is to create a series of worksets and visualizations that scholars and students of Black health and medicine along with public health experts and healthcare providers can use to deepen historical narratives about Black health that might offer insight into the development of contemporary health communications targeted toward Black communities.

Black Health Data Hub

The Black Health Data Hub is aimed at hosting and facilitating the use of publicly available historical and contemporary Black health data for research projects. The hub will be designed to organize and share data on Black health among collaborators, users, and community members in the Mukurtu content management system.

Who We Work With

Some of our Clients and Partners include:

American Medical Association

Armah Institute of Emotional Justice

Association of Black Psychologists

Advancing Health Equity

APM Research Lab

Johns Hopkins Center for Medical Humanities & Social Science

Association of American Medical Colleges

Youth M.O.V.E. Detroit

Youth United

The Children’s Center

Digital Justice Lab

Center for the Study of Religion and the City

Blue Civic Hills Association

Kaiser Family Foundation